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The benefits of using Suffolk Website Builder for your Social Media Marketing

Social media is so prevalent and so easily accessible now that it is a critical part of any marketing campaign for almost any business.

It has to be done right because it’s all too easy to let a campaign slide because you don’t really have the time, or post something that says all the wrong things at the wrong time.

Every business needs to have a social media presence.

Just like everyone is online, browsing the internet, the vast majority of your potential customers are on social networks too.

Companies must go where the consumers and potential customers are if they want to stay ahead of the competition.

Social media, like the rest of the online world, is constantly changing.

It can be hard for owners of small businesses to effectively manage the company’s social media while trying to run a business at the same time.

This is where Suffolk Website Builder’s Social Media Management can help!

What is a Social Media Manager?

We work with social media. That much may be a little obvious, but what do we specifically do day in and day out?

A social media manager play’s a significant role. They can be key to maintaining and building your companies online reputation.

They can represent your company online to current and potential customers and are the ones who interact with potential and current customers on a daily basis.

While the exact duties may change based on industry and brand demands, the duties, tasks, and responsibilities of a social media manager may include some or all of the following:

  • We can set goals and plan out your social media strategy
  • Develop brand awareness for your business and build an online reputation
  • Monitor, manage and respond to online reviews
  • Curate, create and publish relevant, original, and high-quality content
  • Coordinate with any Search Engine Optimisation strategies to help generate more inbound traffic
  • Design, create and manage promotions and social ad campaigns
  • Promote any other blog or website content through social advertising, social posts, and more
  • Develop relevant content topics that speak to your company’s target audience
  • Participate in online advocacy efforts and look for cross-promotional opportunities
  • Build and expand community
  • Track and analyze key statistics and tweak the strategy as needed
  • Monitor trends in social media, applications, channels, design and strategy, and implement the ones that are going to provide the most benefit
  • Coordinate with others in the company to find the best new stories to tell
  • Develop relationships through social media platforms

a photo of a laptop surrounded with social media logos

Staying on top of social media requires constant work. While anyone within your company can post to Facebook on occasion, you really need someone who can take on the responsibility of managing the company’s social media efforts from start to finish.

You need someone who is capable of fully refining your brand’s social media marketing strategy in order to see success.

At Suffolk Website Builder we have design and production skills which are also key to great content. Social media posts that contain graphics get more attention than posts with just text.

Images are also easier to remember. The content contained in an infographic, for instance, will be easier for viewers to mentally take in, understand and remember.

Social media posts with graphics will, therefore, get more reactions and engagement, which is the jackpot for social media marketing.

Depending on the industry your company is in and what its targeted audience is, the constant production of high-quality images onto certain social media channels is paramount and SWB can help by doing this for you.

We also have a strong customer service background. Working in an array of industries where customer service is key.

Most customers engage with their favorite brands online, and if they are really interested in the products and services, their engagement is more frequent and their expectations for a quick response are paramount.

SWB can interact with customers and people who visit your social media platforms in a timely, personable and professional manner.

SEO is fundamental in content. Ranking high on search results is the goal of blogging and content marketing.

Social media is the engine through which blog content can be shared with the online world. Then, as these social efforts deliver more visitors and engagement, they can contribute to the overall SEO strategy.

As Social Media Managers we know and understand the importance of SEO and how it ties in closely with efforts on social platforms.

SWB has a wealth of experience in social media advertising. Social media is inexpensive and highly effective if done correctly and on a variety of platforms.

Above all, we know how managing a successful and effective social media presence and strategy can be extremely time-consuming to someone running a business and we can help you maintain and manage your social media platforms for you.

Talk to us about managing your social media.