The Web is a much newer invention than the Internet, an idea which was first thought of in the late 1960s.

Following Sir Tim’s proposal, the Web was initialized during the early 1990s.

According to the website The Digital, the Web represents a method of accessing content through the Internet” by following the hypertext transfer protocol, which is used online to transfer data and communications.

It is essentially an online application that uses the Internet to share information, whether that information is text, documents or content such as videos.

It follows the HTTP protocol, a language which is used online to transfer data and can be accessed via the Internet from all over the world.

Any page that begins with http://www is a part of the World Wide Web.


Who is the World Wide Web inventor?

The World Wide Web was apparently born out of frustration.

Sir Tim had to log onto a different computer every time he wanted to access different information, not on his main computer at work.

His “big idea” was to create a common language that would open hyperlinks between all the various networks.

After his boss allowed him time to develop his flowchart into a working model, Sir Tim created all the codes in 1989 (including HTML and HTTP) which still form the architecture of the web today.

By 1991 the external Web servers were up and running and the files on the project are made available for the first time.

flow chart showing the creation of the world wide web

Sir Tim’s original flow chart which started the process of creating the World Wide Web.