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We’ve just launched our first new site in 2019.

We’ve been working with Mark Pryor from Containers and More for the past few weeks to give him a brand new website for his business which both better promoted his services and was also mobile friendly because, as we should all know by now, (according to Google) 60% of all web traffic and visitors to our websites comes from Smartphones and Tablets these days.

Mark had quite an interesting story with his website. The company that designed his website originally, provided all of his hosting for him, looked after his domain name and Google AdWords account just “went dark”.

His contact disappeared and he couldn’t get in touch with anyone to update his website, or even talk about the hosting and service he received.

His previous website was also built in a way that didn’t allow Mark to update it himself easily, if at all. Finally, he had two separate websites promoting two different elements of his business. So we have a few key things to focus on:

  • Design a new website that looked great and worked on mobile phones and tablets
  • Combine both of his businesses (Containers and More… and Bright Build) into one website
  • Aim to make it easier for potential customers to request a quote or a callback
  • Build it on a content management system (CMS) that allowed him to update his website himself going forward
  • Help him regain control of his Google Business Accounts, hosting, domain name and reduce his costs

Mark has a very interesting business where he sells and hires shipping containers and cabins for many different uses, like temporary storage, site offices, street food kiosks, bike sheds and he builds garden offices and garden buildings with eco-friendly credentials.

We found ourselves getting quite excited by containers and the project went on.

We build Mark’s new website using WordPress, provided on-site training on how to update the site and how to make the most of Social Media as Mark’s family are going to support him with taking photos and 360° videos to go on to Facebook and Instagram. We’re also supporting Mark by doing his Social Media Marketing for him for a few months and we’re helping him get his Google AdWords account under control and make it more effective than it has been.

Suffolk Website Builder were really happy with the site we built as was Mark. In fact, it went live over the evening and by the following morning, they already had a new enquiry for container hire and were able to issue a quote straight away. Whilst we know that our work is good, we’ve probably never had quite such instant success, but we’ll take it.

If you’re interested in having a look at Mark’s new website, you can see it here: