Hi, I’m Ant. I live in Suffolk. I build websites.

I’ve been building websites for years and I try to keep things as simple and easy to understand as possible. I’ve spent time becoming an expert in website development so you don’t have to be. You’re an expert in your business and what works for you, I’m just here to get you online.

Below you’ll find an honest and straight forward pricing structure. I’ve split it in to websites to promote your business or online shops if you want to sell your products. I’ve then offered some additional extras like looking after your domain name for you, hosting your website, backing it up and so on. I’ve give a description below of what all of this means.

But if you just want to have a talk and a cup of tea, let me know. I’ll see you right!

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Getting started…

How to get your business on the web

There are three things that you need to get your business on to the internet. You need a domain name, you need some hosting (a space to store your website) and the website itself.

Owning a website has some on-going costs that you either have to pay monthly or yearly. Hosting is the most important to get right, the better the hosting, the better your website works. I build my websites using a tool called WordPress (more on that in a bit) so my hosting is designed to work best with that.

Below I’ve explained each of these three items, all of which I can arrange for you, with some guide pricing.

You need a domain name…

The first thing you need is at least one domain name, it can be your business name or something memorable. A .co.uk domain name costs around £4.95 a year, a .com around £9.95 a year. There are other types available too, like .info, .shop and so on. Ask me if you want something a bit different.

You effectively ‘rent’ the domain name, so it’s a yearly cost for doing business online. I can register domain names.

some hosting…

Hosting is like the hard drive on your computer, but on a web server. You need somewhere to store your website, images, videos and products. You basically rent space on a server for a monthly fee. The amount you pay for hosting depends on how big your website is and how many people visit / use it (known as bandwidth), but to give you a guide, I charge from £6.95 a month for a brochure website and from £9.95 a month for an online shop.

and a website!

Once you have your domain name and your hosting, then we can get on with building a website and getting you online. A simple brochure website can take around two weeks to build. An online shop normally takes three to four weeks, depending on how many products you intend to sell. Once we’re ready to go with your website, we just need to tell the search engines that it is there and you can start telling your customers as well.

What a website typically costs

Let’s get this out of the way up-front, no doubt you want an idea of how much a website is going to cost you, so here is a simple pricing structure to give you an initial idea. If this sounds like it may work for you, continue reading as I provide more information and some examples on the rest of my site.




A single long page brochure website. You can imagine this like an online leaflet or flyer with the main purpose of getting across a single service and to generate calls or emails for more information or quotes. 




If you need to get more detail across than a single page brochure site can, for example, if you have more than one service or offering to promote, the detailed brochure site will see you right. With up to 5 pages* of content, you’ll be able to get across all that you need. 




If you’re looking to sell products from your website, you’ll need an online shop. The simple online shop includes up to 5 pages* of content, up to 5 products* (we’ll provide a guide to help you add more), up to 3 product categories* and 1 payment gateway*. 




The detailed online shop provides additional content with up to 8 pages of content*, up to 8 products* (we’ll provide a guide to help you add more), up to 5 product categories* and 2 payment gateways*. 

*If your site needs additional content, please get in touch for a tailored quote. 

Spread the cost – ask about our monthly payment plans

Why work with us?

We use WordPress, the World’s most popular website builder. WordPress is designed to allow you to update your website yourself as and when you need to. However, out of the box, WordPress is not exactly user-friendly for anyone who is not a coder or web developer. That’s why we install our visual builder so you can update your website with ease, we’ll even throw in our user guide and provide face-to-face or online training should you wish. 

The standard WordPress experience

As standard, everything is done in the back-end, so you can’t see what’s happening to your website as you update things. 

WordPress with us (a visual editor)

With the visual builder we install, you just click and type to change your text and adding images and video is a breeze. 

Examples of my work

Below you’ll find some examples of the websites that I’ve created in the last year or so. You can click through to see any of them live.

Photo On A Cake

A purely online business (no bricks and mortar shop). Photo On A Cake’s online shop had a special requirement to allow customers to design their own edible cake toppers on the site itself and submit them for printing.

Sage Accounts Solutions

This company needed a new website that was mobile friendly, but also gave them the ability to update it themselves as and when they wanted to, rather than paying their agency every time they wanted to add new content. They also sell online training for Sage Accounts software and needed a simple online shop for this.

Kiwi Services

Kiwi Services is an agricultural and commercial fencing and maintenance company. They needed a brochure website to promote what they do, show photos of their work and to get potential customers to pick up the phone and request a quote.

Buy Candles .Shop

Another purely online business, the target for Buy Candles .Shop was for customers to find the site when they search in Google for Birthday Candles, Cake Sparklers and so on. A nice clean design with an online shop an inventory management so they know how much of each product they have in stock.

Spectrum Yacht Coatings

Going live shortly, Spectrum Yacht Coatings is a mobile business and much like Kiwi Services, they needed a brochure website to promote their services, show photos of their work and to generate leads and requests for quotes by phone or email.

Adoption Card Shop

Adoption Card Shop needed two types of online store. One on their website to sell their cards (which I also did the graphic design work for) and another as an affiliate shop, to promote other people’s products in return for a commission when a sale is made.

Brick Party Bags

A specialist shop website for fans of all things LEGO® related. I built an online shop with some advanced postage mechanics in the background to allow for different packet sizes. I also designed the logo as well as the toy instruction sheets and helped ensure they were printed on Forest Stewardship Council sustainable paper.

What comes as standard

(e.g. what I don’t charge extra for)

Over the years, I’ve seen a number of web agencies charge extra for things that I think should really come as standard. Taking your business online for the first time, or upgrading an existing site can be daunting enough, without missing out on something you needed but didn’t know about or understand.

Content Management

You don’t want to pay me to add text or images to your site after it’s live. I build on WordPress so you can run with it all yourself.

Image Optimistation

Websites load quicker and work better when your images are optimised for the web. I’ll sort this all out for you.

Search engine submission

It costs me nothing to let Google know your new site is there, so there’s no cost to you either.

Basic training

I’ll provide a guide to updating your site using WordPress so you can feel confident about looking after your site going forward.

Setting up email addresses

This doesn’t take long and I’m happy to setup up to 3 email addresses for you as part of the build cost. If you need more, I can teach you how to do it yourself.

Design concepts

I’ll provide up to three design concepts for your consideration as part of the build cost.

Tea & Coffee

If you fancy meeting up for a chat about your website or business, tea and coffee is on me. Sometimes cake too.

Hosting and care packages

As mentioned above, there are some regular costs for running a website. These include hosting, backup and security updates for your site. More details and costs are below.





A simple brochure website is for when you want to promote your business and services, but not sell products on your website.

Hosting for your website
Up to 10 email addresses
Content management access
Visitor analytics access
Larger, commercial hosting packages available, please get in touch.

Add Malware & vulnerabilities scanning and removal for just £3 a month.

Recommended: A secure certificate (SSL) as from July 2018 Chrome browser will show your site as not secure without one (£15 a year).





An online shop requires a database for your products and a secure certificate to protect your customer’s card details when they order, the the hosting costs a little bit more each month.

As Brochure website plus:
Database hosting for online shop
Secure certificate (SSL)
from just £15 a year required.
Larger, commercial hosting packages available, please get in touch.





There are certain things you need to do to ensure your website is up-to-date and secure from the naughty people out there on the web. Whilst you can do this yourself, I’m happy to do it for you if you’d rather.

Regular website backups
Updates of themes & plugins
Fix bugs & optimise performance
Security white & blacklisting
Malware & vulnerabilities scanning and removal included

Add a firewall for just £15 per month

Additional extras

Websites is only a part of what I do. I’m a trained graphic designer and video editor (amongst other things), so here are some other ways that I can support you and your business.

Backup and updates

Available as a monthly add-on to hosting, I’ll make sure your site is always in tip-top condition.

Search Engine Marketing

Additional optimisation work or help with Google AdWords adverts to get your site high in the search engines.

Image retouching

A bit of extra work on your images can really make them ‘pop’. I’ll provide some before and after examples soon.


If you need some help writing the words for your site or blog posts, let me know. I’ve been writing copy for over 15 years.

Logo design

If your business is completely new, I can help design a logo for you to use on your website, printed materials, van etc.

Leaflets & brochures

As a trained graphic designer, I can not only help design your brochures and leaflets, but help find the best printing prices too.


I can create simple online videos or edit footage that you may have to promote your business. Examples coming soon.

IT Support

I’ve recently fixed a number of ‘slow running’ laptops for local businesses by updating the hard drives to the modern SSD standard. I also build PCs from scratch.

Get in touch…

If you want to have a chat about your website or any other design work, please get in touch by completing the form on the right. I’m just in Saxmundham in Suffolk, off the A12 and would be more than happy to meet up and discuss your project.

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